As coworking finds its way to more and more communities, a new position may be open in your area: a Coworking Community Manager. This house-parent-like role is a great fit for people who have a knack for hospitality, like working with a diverse group of people, and can juggle a wide variety of tasks.


What does a Coworking Community Manager do?

Coworking spaces function like any place where people gather to spend their workday. Just like a corporate office may employ an office manager or administrator, a coworking space needs a point person to handle the day-to-day operations of the space.

A Coworking Community Manager is employed by the company that owns the coworking space and is usually the first contact you’ll make when inquiring about the business. Part of their job is to answer questions about coworking, share what spaces are available for rent, explain membership rules and benefits, and take prospective coworkers on tours.

They are also the main contact for existing members of the coworking space. A Coworking Community Manager facilitates communication among coworking members and keeps people up-to-date with activities and other fun stuff happening in the life of the community. They may even plan and execute things that help the community bond and get to know each other better.

Becoming a Coworking Community Manager is a great fit for hospitable people who give off a welcoming vibe. Since their job is to make people feel comfortable in their new workspace, they should be attentive to the concerns people may have and be able to address them with good communication skills.


Is it more than just fun and games?

While working in a coworking space in general tends to be a fun experience, being a Coworking Community Manager is more than just planning fun events. Since coworking attracts a variety of people, it may be challenging at times to bring those people together.

A good Coworking Community Manager can work with a variety of people who have a wide range of personalities, temperaments, and styles. They take the time to get to know the community, and they genuinely care about their coworkers.
This intimate knowledge of the people in the community comes through in many ways. A Coworking Community Manager influences the way the space feels, how news is shared, and how members interact with the community and the space.

Working with a diverse group of people takes thoughtfulness and emotional intelligence so that the culture of the coworking space stays positive and upbeat. Good people skills and open communication are a must for an effective Coworking Community Manager.


What exactly do you do here?

A Coworking Community Manager may find themselves tidying a bathroom, making a pot of coffee, or working through an interpersonal conflict along with all of their administrative and marketing tasks each day.

They are the first person to deal with leaky faucets, lost packages, and muddy entryways. Along with new and prospective members, they have to communicate with building owners, maintenance workers, and the public. Their job could also involve marketing, purchasing, and website management.

The variety of tasks a Coworking Community Manager performs in a day stretches across several career fields and requires someone who doesn’t mind juggling a lot of balls and wearing many hats. The position is perfect for someone who enjoys people and things and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty occasionally in a bathroom, kitchen, or flower bed.


How much fun is it?

If a coworking space has a culture that resonates with you, you’ll want to be a part of it and get engaged. Joining a community of coworkers provides unique connections with people you may not have crossed paths with otherwise.

The Community Manager at the coworking space will give you great insight to the space’s culture and the type of atmosphere you’d be working in if you joined. If they are warm, friendly, and welcoming, it’s likely they will lead the rest of the community to display those characteristics as well.

If they take the time to plan social activities, celebrate member’s successes, and facilitate good communication among coworkers, you’ll have opportunities to build great relationships with your coworkers while having fun. The value of a good Coworking Community Manager cannot be understated.

Even though the role requires openness, flexibility, and multi-tasking, a great Coworking Community Manager will be able to juggle all of their duties while also making people feel extremely glad they joined the community.