Your new home for work.

Our space is better than the basement office and better than taking up a table all day at the local coffee shop.

Work hard. Play hard.

We know how to get things done. We also know when it’s time to play kickball or pop toss. Ask us what pop toss is.

A community of confidants.

The folks here are the best kind of folks. They’ll build your confidence in whatever challenge you’re facing.

Google has about 7,420,000 results for “what are the benefits of coworking?

Meeting Spaces, Comfortable Coworking, Exclusive Events and Opportunities, and so much more.

You deserve a better place to work.

Take a virtual tour of The Roost


Our gang of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers are excited to get work done in the presence of like-minded colleagues representing great diversity.

This century-old building is just blocks away from the badass Downtown Port Huron, taking the idea of coworking to the next level in this community. 

Warm and Friendly Atmosphere

Kanchan and Nancy are sharing a nice warm hug at The Roost in Port Huron Michigan.

Sign our wall when you visit! Become immortalized.

Dennis Riedel signed the wall at The Roost in Port Huron Michigan. Where will your autograph be?

Rolling Tournaments and Interactive Challenges

Maureen and Tim playing an intense game of Jenga at The Roost in Port Huron Michigan.

"Great spaces, great people, and lot's of awesome ideas flow out of this place. I just love all the coworkers and MY space!"

Nancy Gardner • Owner of BOLD Education Connections


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