Get out of the home office, the coffee shop, the... you get it.

Getting out of your house regularly makes coming home feel better.

Establish a routine of intentionality in your work.

Getting up in the morning and “going to work” helps with productivity.

Surround yourself with positive people. It's good for you.

A friendly group of peers will help cheer you up when you’re down.

Google has about 7,420,000 results for “what are the benefits of coworking?

Meeting Spaces, Comfortable Coworking, Exclusive Events and Opportunities, and so much more.

You deserve a better place to work.

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Coworking in a Nutshell…

At first, people think it’s an “office building.” In reality, coworking is much more about its people than the place. It’s about connections with great people.

Think of coworking membership like a gym membership, but instead of building our muscles, we’re building our businesses.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The upstairs in The Hatch has been renovated into a lounge and meeting space.

Photo credit Brian Wells/Times Herald


Grant Moore, Carol Hall, Jim Beiwer, Jessie Wiegand, and Tatum Brooks socialize while working on the front porch of The Hatch in Port Huron, Michigan.

Photo credit Brian Wells/Times Herald

Perfect for Remote Workers

Matt Brooks, owner of The Hatch, talks with Robert DeBoer, Software Development Engineer at Brand Labs, inside an office at The Hatch.

Photo credit Brian Wells/Times Herald


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