At The Roost and The Hatch, the community connection is such a huge amenity we take pride in. When we ask our members what their favorite thing about coworking with us is, they often talk about the awesome opportunities they have had to connect and collaborate with others and be a part of their community inside and outside of the coworking space.

Collaboration And Fun

Collaboration is essential in the work world, and that’s why we are so happy to have created a space where people can come together to discuss ideas, share resources and help each other grow their businesses. We love our community here in Downtown Port Huron, we are just walking distance from all of the delicious restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, bars, and the river walk. Every month we have something going on whether it be cruising around in The Roost Bus, Mimosa Monday, Coffee Breaks, Lunch Hours, random wacky events we throw together, or just friends getting together to connect. Our members are part of an exclusive group that is always striving to better themselves and their businesses.

Laziness Does Not Exist

It is really hard to feel lazy and unmotivated when you’re working out of a coworking space, there is just an energy in the air that you cannot possibly ignore. Maybe it’s because you’re in a creative space with so many other people who are equally as passionate about their work. It’s hard to slack off when you’re surrounded by so much inspiration. Make the most of your time at work by finding your own space to be productive, inspired, and happy. We are here to help you find a workspace where your personality and work needs can fully flourish. Then you’ll be free to create a stronger business, take on more clients and make more time for what matters most: living life on your own terms. And who wouldn’t want that?!